Adult Cornering Skills Clinic

Adult Cornering Skills Clinic (Intermediate MTB Skills)

Want to improve your cornering skills? Unlike road biking, mountain biking will have you riding your bike through twists and turns along with berms, switchbacks, and off-camber turns.  This skills clinic uses BICP teachings and will help you work on techniques to conquer these trail elements, allowing you to ride more challenging trails with confidence and have more fun!  All our instructors have significant riding experience and professional education backgrounds and will provide you with the tools to put an entirely new spin on your riding.

  • Skills Covered in Clinic
  • Body Positioning
  • Bike and Body Separation
  • Slow Speed Turning
  • Cornering Skills
  • Switchbacks
  • Track Standing
  • Ratcheting
  • 12 rider Maximum per Clinic -Cost per Rider $90.00. Clinics are 2.5 hours in length.
  • (Prerequisite “Adult Level 1 Skills Clinics”)
Cyclewerx Adult April Clinic