Open Air Bag Jump Time Information


Cost Per Rider is $20 for a 2-hour jump session or $25 for 3-hour session if offered.

Airbag Landing Size

Beginner:  5” Tall x 13” Wide + 6” extra safety flat bottom (Safety Sides included)

Advanced:  6.5” Tall x 14” Wide – 11.5” Long Run-Out (No Safety Sides)

Bike and gear: Riders can hire a jump bike, or bring their own bike and safety gear, which is inspected by Wheels Up prior to use for suitability. All participants must wear a helmet (a full-face helmet is recommended), have their elbows and knees covered with clothing. Safety gear optional (full face helmet, neck brace, knee pads, elbow pads, and body armor)

Age restrictions: Children aged 8-14 years must have guardian/parental consent before participating. 18yr+ are responsible for signing their own consent forms.

Skill level restrictions: Any person who can confidently ride a bike can participate in this activity at their own risk. All riders must complete the beginner ramp and be approved by Wheels Up staff before attempting the next advanced level ramp and landing.

Bringing your own bike: Recommended dirt jump bike, BMX or mountain bike. All bikes will be inspected by Wheels Up staff before use. No bikes that have kickstands, pegs, or a bike that do not have bar ends will not be allowed on Wheels Up Features.

No Scooters or Skateboards will be able to be included in the Airbag landings at this time.

Description of Event

Looking to take your riding it to the next level? Big tricks in your future or a trip to Arkansas, Colorado, or any place with big jumps? The airbag open time offers the ultimate training scenario. Whether you want to go huge like the Nitro Circus guys or you are practicing your first jumps. These events we will have the Wheels Up’s ramp selection out to progress your skills. Jumps ranging from 10inches tall to over 50inches tall! Options for all levels of riders. Larger jumps will utilize the Airbag landings that will soften your crashes and even allow you to ride away from your trick if you land wheels/base down. Trying new tricks does not get any better than this. Making sure at this event you will get Wheels Up of course!