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Wheels Up Commitment to Coaching – Our Coach Commitment

At Wheels Up, we uphold an unwavering commitment to excellence in mountain bike instruction. Our team collectively boasts 30 years of professional classroom experience and an impressive 50 years of riding expertise. Moreover, we bring 22 years of bicycle industry experience in bicycle mechanics to the table. Each of our instructors holds certifications in CPR, Wilderness First Aid, Guide Instruction, Mountain Bike Techniques, Coaching, and the Bicycle Instructor Certification Program (BICP).

Our dedication ensures that we provide the safest events along with the most up-to-date education for each rider. Since our establishment in 2007, we have been instrumental in helping riders get their Wheels Up. Our extensive background equips us to deliver clear, precise instruction, assisting riders of all abilities in achieving their personal goals.

Cody Jones

The Driving Force Behind Wheels Up

Meet Cody Jones, the visionary behind Wheels Up, where a passion for cycling and a commitment to education collide. As a certified Art educator and a 20+ year professional cyclist industry expert, Cody’s journey seamlessly wove these two passions together, ultimately giving birth to Wheels Up.

Cody’s cycling journey spans various bikes and races, and it was this wealth of experience that fueled his desire to create a program dedicated to youth events. Starting small, Cody established a youth cycling club through a local school district, sowing the seeds for what Wheels Up would become.

Driven by a commitment to staying at the forefront of mountain bike education, Cody pursued several certifications with the Bicycle Instructor Certification Program (BICP), solidifying his status as a top-tier professional mountain bike instructor. Wheels Up became synonymous with providing the latest and most comprehensive mountain bike education anywhere.

Cody’s dedication to youth cycling extended beyond Wheels Up as he played a pivotal role in launching the Missouri NICA league, focusing on mountain biking for 6th-12th grade students. His mission? To empower others with the skills to work effectively with young athletes across Missouri. Wheels Up has grown to add programming all around the Midwest and all the way to California in 2023! Cody is always working to create MORE opportunities for youth riders to get on bikes and be able to progress and push mountain biking education to new levels!

As Cody’s inspiration grew, so did Wheels Up. What started as an exclusively youth-centric program expanded to include Adult and Women’s Only programming in 2018, offering private training to enthusiasts of all levels. In 2020, the introduction of the Wheels Up Enduro Program marked another milestone, catering to cycling education in some of the most advanced styles of riding for youth racers. A year later, establishing the Wheels Up XC team for high-level instruction and support for youth. Wheels Up’s “Give MORE to your Ride” initiative is relevant in everything Cody thinks up!

With 32 years of riding experience, a professional educational background, and a willingness to collaborate and push mountain bike instruction, Wheels Up thrives in its educational focus and community-first programs. Cody, along with an amazing group of supporters and volunteers, remains actively engaged in programming from St. Louis to San Diego. The invitation is open for you to experience Wheels Up in many different ways—where elite cycling education meets pure enjoyment of riding a bike. Join us at an event and discover the Wheels Up!

Josh Clark

A Key Contributor and Coach of Wheels Up Teams!

Meet Josh Clark, one of the integral members of our team since 2020, playing a crucial role in establishing and elevating our Enduro and XC Programs. Josh’s expertise and dedication shine through, making him a highly respected coach with a Level 3 NICA coaching certification. In the past, he held the position of Head Coach for the St. Charles Bears NICA team, showcasing his commitment to youth development.

Josh’s attention to detail and extensive experience, both on and off the bike, greatly benefit our riders. His strong cross-country focus aids in guiding XC riders, and he excels in working with beginners. At Wheels Up, he thrives on the diversity of riding experiences, whether it’s full-face adventures or conquering lengthy, epic races.

When you spot Josh in his distinctive Orange and Blue gear, be sure to say hi! Join us in expressing gratitude to Josh for his exceptional coaching contributions to youth riders throughout the St. Louis area!

Marissa Celia

Passionate KC Enduro Head Coach and Mountain Biking Advocate!

Hi, I’m Marissa! While my biking journey started in 2016, the sport has quickly become my passion and a major part of my life. Over the years, I’ve immersed myself in various clinics and explored numerous rad biking spots. For the past two years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to serve as the Head Coach of the LS Composite Sharks.

Mountain biking, for me, is more than just a sport; it’s a therapeutic escape into the woods. I’m driven to provide a positive outlet for young people and showcase the lifelong joys of riding. Being part of NICA and Wheels Up Enduro allows us to demonstrate to kids that mountain biking isn’t just a school sport—it’s a lifelong adventure!

Excitingly, I’ve joined the Wheels Up Enduro team, and I’m genuinely thrilled. Enduro riding is my personal preference, and while I may not be the best rider out there, I understand that coaching is about passion, commitment, and nurturing the next generation of riders. Let’s ride and inspire the next generation together!

Tracy Jones

A Mom’s Touch!

Sixteen years ago, I got my first taste of mountain biking while trying to impress a boy and stay unharmed on my loaned mountain bike. While I got the boy, I wouldn’t say that I stayed unharmed for long. But like a true adventurer, that thrill of new obstacles, challenges, and trails turned that weariness into a love for the sport. Nowadays, I spend most of my time teaching and chasing after my boys while trying to fit exercise into whatever time I might get. Trail riding is a pure pleasure when given the chance.

I have my Masters in Education in Library Media Science and have been teaching in an elementary classroom or library for the last 15 years. Three years ago, I started a Girls on the Run group at my school and have been the head coach for the last three years. This experience has taught me so much about being a coach and how it can be different from being a teacher. I am currently certified in CPR and Non-violent Crisis Intervention. I love sharing my passions of biking and running with others and hope to inspire others to find an enduring, deep-rooted passion as well.

Tracy helps bring a strong women’s presence to the Wheels Up team. You will see her at our Multi-Day Camps and our Monday Weekly Ride.

Final Words

Riding, educating, mentoring, volunteering, and, most importantly, having a blast getting riders of all ages on bikes. Our mission is to help individuals gain understanding on how to be safe and shred at the same time! Whether you’re just starting out or sending big jumps, let us help you reach your goals and keep your Wheels Up.