Adult & Youth Skills Clinics – 2024

Please Note: Wheels Up offers Youth and Adult Specific Skills Clinics and these clinics are taught specifically in an age specific manner and method. We acknowledge that there is a price discrepancy to help give more youth riders the opportunities to attend these events. They are the next generation of riders and has been our focus since day one of Wheels Up! “To get more kids on bikes and give them as many different opportunities to fall in love with cycling!” Thank you for your support in creating the most Progressive and Premier Destination to learn how to ride a mountain bike the way you want to!

These Clinics make up the “The Wheels Up MTB Progression Series”

  • Level 1 Skills Covered: “Foundations of Mountain Biking”
  • Level 2 Skills Covered: “Intermediate and Level Up Skills”
  • Level 3 Skills Covered: “Be the Best Rider You Can Be”
  • Cornering Skills Covered: “Corner like a professional”
  • Learn to Jump skills covered: “Balanced Focused Jumping”
  • Jump 2.0!  “Boosting, Scrubbing, and Getting Tricky”
  • Drop It!  “Drops and Technical Terrain Mastery”