Social Media Program

Wheels Up Media Scholarship 2024

Overview: The 2024 Wheels Up Team Programs invite creative youth mountain bikers to apply for the Wheels Up Media Scholarship. This opportunity focuses on crafting engaging content for Wheels Up Team Programs while emphasizing safety, education, professionalism, and the continual development of mountain biking.

Scholarships Available:

  • 1 Enduro Scholarship per Club
  • 1 XC Scholarship per Club

Focus of Scholarships: Dedicated to the creation of media content specifically for Wheels Up Team Programs, this scholarship aims to document and evolve Wheels Up Clubs, with an emphasis on collective benefit over individual gain.

Access to Media Outlets: Participants won’t have direct access to Wheels Up Media outlets. Instead, they will submit mandatory weekly content throughout the riding season. Recipients can borrow a sports media recorder from Wheels Up Team programs at no charge and may use their personal phones for documentation.


  • $300.00 scholarship towards team spring session fees
  • Opportunity to contribute to the evolution of Wheels Up Clubs through media content creation

Content Requirements:

  • 2+ minute youth rider or coach interview
  • Under 1 minute riding edits
  • 3 looped shorts for TikTok or Instagram

Submission Details: Email content to by February 5th, 8 pm.

Include in the email:

  • Rider Name
  • Age
  • Wheels Up Club participating in (choose XC or Enduro)

Creative Standards: Content should be creative and aligned with Wheels Up standards and aesthetics.

Note: It is not mandatory to have a Media Creator in each club, although broad participation is encouraged. We hope to see your creative contributions!

Additional Notes:

  • Paper/video content should align with Wheels Up Standards and aesthetics.
  • Open to both new and returning riders in 2024.

Thank you for your interest in the Wheels Up Media Scholarship. Best of luck, and let the creative adventure begin!

Submission Deadline: All submissions should be sent via email to by 8 pm on February 16th.

Scholarship Winners Announcement: Recipients of the scholarship will be announced at the 1st practice.

Closing Note: Good luck to all applicants! We appreciate your interest in the Wheels Up Media Scholarship. We look forward to an exciting and rewarding experience with you in the Wheels Up community.