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Participating in the Wheels Up jump clinics has made me a better rider. Cody has a way of teaching that inspires and challenges you to work on your weaknesses. Every time I am around him, when I am humble enough to get beyond myself, I learn and grow, even at almost 50 years young. Take a clinic do a personal session with Cody and see what he and the crew at Wheels up can do for you.

Micheal Cuddihee
Life Time Rider
On 4/11/21 I attended a
Wheels Up women’s only clinic that Cody instructed. I was honestly super
nervous about attending the clinic since I’m a newbie with mountain
biking, but I didn’t need to be!
Cody was patient and answered every question that I had and most
importantly was encouraging! If there was anything I didn’t understand
or needed clarification on he was able to reword it in another way that
clicked in my brain.
I would recommend Wheels Up and their clinics to anyone who is looking
to learn new skills and find some more people in the MTB community! I’m
looking forward to building on my skills and attending more clinics and
rides in the future!

Julia Holman
New Rider
I highly recommend the
instruction from Jeff and Cody at Wheels up for kids!!! My son rode with
them for a few years and learned a great deal about etiquette and
technique. Not only did it also get him off his X-Box, but he genuinely
enjoyed riding with the other kids.
They separate the kids into different skill levels/ages as best they
can, and it really seemed to help with skill progression! Where were
these guys when I was a kid?!?!

Allen Bowling
Parent of a Rider